Waxing Specialties

Lets create the perfect eyebrow shape together. During the consultation we will discuss your love-hate relationship with those brows and what we can realistically achieve naturally and with enhancement products. You will receive a trim, wax clean up, tweeze precision, followed with brow makeup application and lesson.35.00

Suffer from ingrown hairs or hyper-pigmentation in the bikini area from shaving or waxing? This bikini area facial will treat and help prevent ingrown hairs while lightening up the hyper-pigmentation so you will have a bikini area that you will want to show off. 60.00

* All bikini services are for female genitalia. I am not trained in male genitalia waxing but can refer you to individuals that are.
Waxing: Depending on hair texture and location, I use a combination of various hard and soft waxes.

Eyebrow 20.00
(maintains at Spa Liz every 3-6 weeks)   
Upper Lip 10.00
Chin 10.00
Upper Lip & Chin 20.00
Sideburns 15.00 
Cheeks 20.00
Full Face 50.00
(includes eyebrow, upper lip, chin & sideburns and cheeks)

Bikini 40.00
(2" down thigh and .5" inside bikini line)
Extended Bikini (Landing Strip) 45.00
(pubic mound in shaped & 1/2 labia hairless)
Front Brazilian (Playboy) 55.00
(pubic mound & labia lips hairless) 
Brazilian - 69.00
(pubic mound to butt crack hairless)

Under Arm 20.00
Butt Crack or Cheek 15.00
Butt Crack & Cheek 25.00
Treasure Trail 10.00

Half Arm includes Fingers 35.00
Full Arm includes Fingers 45.00
Half Leg includes Knees & Toes 45.00
Upper Leg 45.00
Full Leg & Toes 80.00
Full Leg & Bikini 105.00
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