General  F.A.Q.

Spa Liz & Co. is a Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (POCS) and  G/L/B/TS/TG/SA Friendly Spa.

What forms of payment do you except?
Spa Liz accepts Cash, Visa, Master Card and Discover.

I would like to purchase a gift certificate?
Spa Liz no longer offers general gift certificates. If you wish to prepay for a service of  a current client please use the "Contact SpaLiz" form at the bottom and we will make arrangements. Or if you wish to prepay and schedule a service for someone new to SpaLiz please use the "Contact SpaLiz" form at the bottom and we can make arrangements. 

I am trying to use a gift certificate but it is saying my code is invalid?
Depending on when the gift certificate was issued it may not be able to be found online, please use the "Contact SpaLiz" form at the bottom stating services requested, times and dates that work for you and I will email you back within 48 hours. Also please include gift certificate value or service, expiration and gift certificate number or code and I will attach it to your appointment. If the 24-hour cancellation policy has been activated the gift card or certificate will be used to cover 100% of services booked. Remaining balance will be credited to your SpaLiz account.`At your appointment please bring in your gift certificate.

I am trying to schedule an appointment from my pre-paid package online and it's asking for a deposit?
The new system does not recognize pre-paid packages at this time.  Sorry for the inconvenience. 

Do you offer a printed copy of your spa service menu?
Do to all the great services I offer Spa Liz’s full menu of services, descriptions and prices can be found at SpaLizandCo.com and can be subject to change without notice.

What is your cancellation policy?
A minimum of 24 hour notice is required for cancellations to avoid being charged 100% for all services booked. Failure to give adequate cancellation notification or are a no show/no call will result in 100% of services booked to be paid before another appointment can be made. An invoice will be emailed to you to pay the fee online within 72 hours before you will be allowed to schedule another service.

If you are more than 10 minutes late your appointment will end on time and full fee will be due. If you are more than 15 minutes late your appointment will be cancelled and full fee will be charged to credit card on file.

My profession requires me to be on-call and I may have to cancel before 24 hrs, but on a regular bases, how should I handle this?
Do to the one-on-one attention you receive at Spa Liz, every appointment counts. Please use the "contact me" form at the bottom of the page to setup your appointment for when you know you will be able to keep it. If you reschedule twice during a 3 month period you will not be allowed to book online. You will be able to book via email, text or phone. You will be booked as my first or last appointment of the day. If you reschedule more than four times in a 6 month period you will be asked to prepay 100% of services booked. Your prepayment will only be used towards that scheduled appointment, is nontransferable and nonrefundable. 

I would like to purchase a package does it expire and what happens if I get sick?
Packages expire a year from purchase date and are non-refundable nor are they transferable. Only medical circumstances will be allowed for an extension of 3 months, such as pregnancy complications, maternity leave, medical aliment or procedure with Dr. note.

I have prepaid for a package and canceled with less than 24 hr notice, what will happen?
If you have a prepaid package(s) with Spa Liz for the appointment missed, Spa Liz will remove one service from each prepaid package to cover cancellation or no show/no call issue.

Does a Waxing package have any special requirements?
If you purchased a waxing package I ask that you keep a regular waxing schedule to ensure you get the longest hair-free waxing period and your skin stays healthy. The general rule for waxing is anything above the neck every 1 to 4 weeks and 4-7 weeks for waxing below the neck. If more than 7 weeks has passed since your last wax a $10 fee will be added.

Can I use my cell phone during a service?
The use of cell phones/cameras is prohibited during any treatments as it is a distraction to you and me. If you must take a call, your session will still end at the scheduled end time.

Can I have an alcoholic drink or two to help relax me before my service?
If you are found to be under the influence of alcohol or any other intoxicant your service(s) will be forfeited and full payment will be due.
Any misconduct that is considered harassing or inappropriate will not be tolerated and the session will be terminated. Full payment will still be expected.

I will be coming to you on my lunch-break or after I hit the gym, do I need to shower?
Cleanliness is an important aspect in a mutually respectful environment. At the arrival of your service, please be prepared with a clean body as we will show you the same courtesy.

I am under 18 do I need my parent's present?
Minors under 18 years may not receive services until a guardian has given written permission (form provided before appointment). Those 14 and under must have a parent that stays present during session.

I am a very modest person and am a little nervous to come to Spa Liz?
Your privacy and modesty will be respected at all times during your services. Due to the nature of some of the services offered I try to work within your comfort zone and flexibility to give you the best outcome. 

How do you protect my personal information and my credit card information?
Your files and anything you may disclose to me in session are strictly confidential. I will not release this information to anyone, without your written permission. All intake forms and your credit card information is secured by the highest industry standards.

What is policy on refunds and exchanges?
All sales final that includes products, gift certificates, services and packages. Spa Liz recommends if you are unsure about a product to please ask for a sample, and if possible, one will be given free of charge. 

Does Spa Liz and Company except male clients?
Yes Spa Liz does except  male clients but not for male genitalia waxing, as I am not trained in that service. Also note, if you are looking for some sort of "happy ending" you should know that I take my jobs very, very, seriously here. Understand that any illicit or creepy remarks, deeds, or advances made by clients will result in the immediate termination of the service. The full fee will be charged for the terminated service. Spa Liz & Co. will deny any future appointments. I would hate to have to involve the authorities but won't hesitate to do so if the issue warrants it.

Why do you need to make a copy of my Drivers License or State ID?
Due to the new services being offered at Spa Liz and Co. and to protect against credit fraud, all new clients will be asked for a photo ID and a copy made for records to ensure that individual's safety is protected. 

I am transitioning or am a male-to-female trans-gendered individual,  are you comfortable working with me?
Spa Liz and Co. feels that the one-on-one attention that you will receive here will make you feel safe and secure to be who you are! From starting you on a great skin care regimen to helping you find the perfect foundation match I will be here for you. I am excited to starting offering electrolysis in fall 2017 to better serve your needs. The only service that I can not perform is male genitalia waxing as I am not trained in that specialty. 

From the bottom of my heart thank you for being a loyal and wonderful client to Spa Liz and Company!
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