Pricing and Service Guarantee

Pricing & Service Guarantee

We believe in fair up-front pricing for all facials, massages, spray tanning, energy work, waxing and electrolysis treatments, we NEVER up-charge at Spa Liz & Co.

It can be hard to compare services and prices offered at different establishments because there are so many different ways to represent pricing and services. For example services may be called the same thing from place to place but actually include very different things.

Unlike some places, we do not charge different rates for different clients, body shapes or hairiness. We do not add a surcharge for different times of the day or different days of the week. You also won’t find a low “base” price listed to get you in the door then a surprise “and up” situation when you check out. We do have great specials from time to time, be sure to check out our special offers page to view current offers.

We charge a flat fee at Spa Liz, the same for everyone, based on the service you select. Our fees include all the amenities you’ll appreciate as well as hospital level sanitation and disinfection. 

All are services are all inclusive, if your treatment requires it for best results, you will get it. You will never see an "up grade" or " add on" price list at Spa Liz. The price that is listed includes EVERYTHING you need to have an enjoyable, effective treatment. 

Spa Liz & Co. is pleased to accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover Card at the time of service.
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