Waxing F.A.Q.

Waxing F.A.Q.

I am a new Brazilian waxer, I'm scared, what is all waxed?
Don't be scared, you are coming to an expert! The key to making this wax as comfortable as possible is your preparation. Please follow the pre-wax instructions. I will talk you through each step and give you pointers for the best post-wax experience you can have.  

During this wax the first 2" of thigh, full labia, pubic mound (can leave some hair) and booty will be waxed. You will have to assume different positions to ensure we can remove all hair, but don't be bashful this is what I do.

What should I expect during your Bikini service?
  • Waxing is an interactive activity so you may be asked to hold certain areas, the tighter the skin the less it hurts. Waxing hurts when the skin smacks back on itself. 

  • You may be asked to assume certain positions to help with removal. You want to be hairless and I want to make the service worth your while. So I will make every attempt to keep your modesty in mind but certain services require positions for the best removal in my opinion. Please remember I do this for a living and I do not judge. I want you to leave feeling beautiful, confident and happy with the results.

  • It is completely normal for your skin to be slightly pink and even sensitive post wax for a couple of hours. You may even notice in certain waxing areas that is looks like a plucked chicken, that is because the hair was removed by the root, which is a good thing, however the appearance may be off putting for a couple of hours.

  • You may experience a histamine reaction during or within 8 hrs post wax. Most common areas are above eyebrows, upper lip and pubic mound. This will appear as little white bumps, looking like pustules. Completely normal, see advice from clients on how to take care of at home. 

  • You may experience a bacterial infection post wax which appears as little yellow bumps or pustules. This means that while the pore was open bacteria entered the pore may be caused from sweating or touching the area. Usually happens 4 hrs up to 24 hrs post wax, please see advice from clients on how to take care at home.

  • If at any time you have a question or concern please contact Spa Liz before attempting a remedy to correct issue. YouTube and your best friend may know a lot of things but I know waxing and how to fix common issues that may arise so please email, text or call ASAP if you need to.  
  • Spa Liz does not trim hair, not only is it unsanitary for treatment room but sometimes the longer the hair the better the results. Now if you have 1" plus in length you may want to trim at home but no worries if you are unable to as I have been trained in long hair waxing techniques. 
  • Spa Liz does not tweeze remaining hairs in the bikini area as this will throw of hair cycle growth. You can expect to leave 98% hairless after your first couple of waxes due but as you come in for regular waxing we will get your hair cycles in sync and you will, usually after 3 appt, be completely hairless. 

Why should I come to you versus a nail salon or my hair dresser?
I take my waxing seriously! Not only am I a sanitation nut, wearing gloves for all waxing services and disinfecting all instruments and product used after every client, I continually seek advanced education from some of the leading international waxers out there.  I am most known for my eyebrow shaping and brazilian waxing having clients that travel from the tri-states just to see me every 4-6 weeks to get waxed. They know I use high quality wax and professional home care that will keep their skin healthy and hairless longer!

How should I prepare for my wax?
  • For best results, please allow 4 weeks hair growth (approximately 1/4", it should lay flat on the skin).
  • Never shave or tweeze between your waxing appts. This throws off your hair growth pattern and you will never have a smooth wax.
  • Never use lotion, body oils on the day of your waxing.
  • Exfoliate with a sugar scrub & moisturize with a shea butter 24 hours before your appointment, not day of.
  • If using Accutane (6 months), Retin-A (7 days) or an Antibiotic (days used is how many days after your done taking it before you can get waxed) you must stop use prior to, please see a physician for release due to the sensitivity of the skin and lifting that may occur
  • Between 12-17 yrs old: a parent/guardian must accompany you in the treatment room for the first visit and can only have services above the neck.
  •  Shower before your appointment and exfoliate with a exfoliating mitt (glove) NOT WITH A LOOFAH
  • Wear loose pants
  • Take an OTC ibuprofen to relieve pain, reduce redness & swelling (consult with physician if concerned)
  • Apply No-Scream Cream 45 mins. prior to appointment to numb your skin and take the discomfort down an average 80%. 
  • No tanning 24 hrs before
  • Avoid week before period, you are more sensitive
  • Spa Liz does not wax or sugar Bikini area while you are on your period
What should I do post 24-48 hours?
  • First 24 hours avoid: excessive sweating, tanning, intercourse,creams or lotions, and submersion of the waxed areas in water
  • Let the area breath, wear loose bottoms instead (no leggings or underwear)
  • Take a break from skinny jeans, lace or thong underwear
  • Do not touch the area
  • If it feels tender, keep the area moisturized with either an aloe or shea butter
What should I do for maintenance throughout the growth cycle?
  • 48 hours post hair removal: start gently exfoliating with a sugar scrub and moisturize with a shea butter 2-3 per week
  • No fabric softener in undergarments and workout clothes (vinegar rinses in place of fabric softener)
It itches?
This is most common on the upper lip right after waxing but some experience it during the outgrowth phase of a bikini wax. Apply a cold wash cloth to the area to stop the sensation. If happening during the outgrowth section, this could mean that you need to exfoliate a little more due to the hair potentially being trapped under the skin.

I have little white bumps and its within 24 hours of being waxed, why?
This is called a histamine reaction, occurs during hair removal because the skin is trying to figure out what is causing the trauma. Clients have told me that if they take an over the counter anti-histamine either topically or orally the reaction clears up within an a couple of hours. If you are prone to this happening, again clients have said they take an antihistamine before their appt and they can stop the reaction from happening but always consult a licensed medical professional. 

It has been 48 hours since my wax and now I have little yellow bumps, looks like pimples, what is happening?
This may occur after a couple of waxing and this means your waxed area has come into contact with dirt, bacteria or you may have sweated. Use an over the counter pimple spot treatment cream. Applying this and leaving the area alone results in the bumps going away and not causing post-inflammatory pigmentation but always consult a licensed medical professional.  . 

I am prone to ingrowns what can I do to prevent and eliminate them when they start?
Spa Liz believes that trying the natural way to prevent and take care of ingrowns is best. My first piece of advice is to exfoliate with a sugar scrub 2-3 per week followed with a shea butter moisturizing treatment through out the growth cycle. If you experience ingrowns then take an Epson salt bath: 2 cups in warm bath water, soak 15-20mins a few times a week Epson salts are not actually salt (sodium chloride) but magnesium sulfate and will draw the crud to the surface as well as hydrate the skin.

If that is not working, come in for a bikini facial and we will discuss your next steps to prevention. Spa Liz and Company offers a variety of products to prevent ingrowns.

The most common reason individuals experience ingrowns is due to poor home-care follow through. Another reason I have found is the product line they choose to use, those scrubs found at chain retail outlets contain fragrances and comedogenic oils that irritate the skin and cause ingrowns. 

Now there are some folks who are just going to be prone to ingrown hairs no matter what they do. Shifts in hormones (pregnancy, birth-control and PCOS) will contribute to the problem. Also medications that dehydrate the skin can also contribute if the skin is not being exfoliated and moisturized daily. And yes even our pubic area requires moisturizer daily especially when waxing or sugaring. Dry skin will result in a less than favorable hair removal outcome.

I have a very sensitive area, feels raw, and looks pink?
This sounds like during your waxing you may have experienced lifting. Lifting occurs when the dry (dead) skin sticks to the fresh healthy skin underneath. When the strip is removed they come up together leaving a sensitive raw are, comparable to feeling like rug burn. The key is to keep it moisturized, prefer an aloe base, for the next 24 hours to avoid any scabbing or post inflammatory pigmentation. 

What caused this? Several things could be the cause of this, lack of good home care i.e. moisturizing; medications, friction from clothes post wax. If I think someone has lifted during the waxing I will put on a gel to moisturize and help relieve any discomfort. You may also be sent home with a cream to help with the healing process. However  a lot of times it will not be noticeable until after a couple of hours, so always error on the side of caution and take prevention.

Any contraindications to waxing?
CONTRAINDICATIONS - You must be off the following medications for 3 months prior to receiving a wax service.

Accutane (Must be off for a year)
Adapalene (Acne medication)
Alustra (Retin A)
Avage (Tazorac – Acne medication)
Avita (type of Retin A)
Differin (Acne medication)
Isotretinoin (like Accutane)
Renova (Retin A)
Tazarac (Acne medication)
Tazarotene (like Tazorac)
Tretinoin (like Retin A)

The following can cause sensitivity. Please notify your wax specialist if you are using or have used any of the following in the last month:
Alpha Hydroxy Acids (Glycolic, Lactic)
Topical Antibiotics
Salicylic Acid
Peels or Microdermabrasion
Laser treatments
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