Facials F.A.Q.

Facials F.A.Q.

What is your philosophy on Skin Care?
Why KISS? How often have you decided you were going to start taking care of your skin and...
The product over promised and under delivered
Purchased the whole regimen only to find out in a week that the multiple steps a day were not realistic to keep up
Tried the latest treatment and didn't see the results
That's why you decided to come to Spa Liz to get a professional skin analysis from a licensed aesthetician. Liz believes that skincare can be simple and sustainable both in easy to use steps but also affordable. Lets set realistic expectations in both treatments and home care so you can see the results and the skin you dreamed of!

Spa Liz is always learning and incorporating new innovative treatments. I want to provide you with treatments that give results and can stand the test of time. Spa Liz offers all inclusive facials!!! You will never experience up-selling "add-ons" as Spa Liz. If your skin needs it and I offer it, from gadgets to products, your skin will get it!

Should I wash my face before coming?
No need to as a double cleanse as it's part of the facial experience. A reason not to wash your face for 24 hours before a facial is so we can get a better understanding of how your skin produces oil, moisture level and overall texture of skin.

I can not decide which facial I want?
My suggestion would be to schedule for a Sophisticated Facial as the first step in improving your skin is to de-stress. From there we can discuss your skin goals and go from there.

I have sensitive skin, should I come in for a facial?
I would advise if you have truly sensitive skin to come in for a free test patch test to see how your skin will react. A test patch involves applying product(s) to an area not usually visible to see how your skin reacts to the product(s). The normal areas we test are behind the ear or on the inside of the forearm. 

I have a big event coming up in the next month and would like a facial to look my best?
If you have sensitive skin, I would suggest not scheduling a facial within a month of the event. The general rule of thumb is to start coming in for facials 3-6 months before the event to have the maximum benefits for corrective facials. It is hard to gauge how a person's skin will respond to a facial because not only must we consider skin sensitivity, skin condition, lifestyle, occupation but also home care regimen and products. 
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