Foundation Facial
Let's start you off with a high-tech skin analysis using the Image Pro. We will look at your skin in 7 areas: surface sun damage (what you can see), enlarged pores, skin's roughness, fine lines & wrinkle, bacteria (acne), sun damage below the surface and finally computerize your skin's age!
From there, we will digitally check your skin's hydration levels in 5 zones, go over your current home-care, perform an in-depth consultation to bring it all together to have a very accurate picture of where you and what we can achieve working together. We may also a skin reaction test if needed at this time.
Enjoy a deep exfoliation and hydration facial that every skin needs!120.00

Anti-Aging Facial
As Cher would say "If I could turn back time" I would have changed my skincare habits! Or at least I think she would have said that lol... I will dig into my "Esti Toolbox" and use the tools, gadgets, and products that will help lighten pigmentation (dark spots) and minimize fine lines and wrinkles.* 85.00 extended 120.00

Rosacea (Redness/Sensitive) Facial
This facial for those of us who suffer from rosy cheeks, rosacea, and sensitive skin. Liz feels you as she suffers from rosy cheek too! Spa Liz carries a line that specializes only in the sensitive skin that is also oncology friendly. If you suffer from sensitive skin, we offer a free "test patch" mini facial.* 85.00 extended 120.00

Acne Facial
Do you have acne you just can't seem to get under control? From the PMS-induced breakouts to the never ending pimples Spa Liz can help you. Liz is Face Reality Acne Certified, a nationally renowned acne program, that looks at acne from a variety of angels from dietary to medications to not only get to the cause of your acne but also to treat it short term and long term. This facial is also can treat back acne as well.* 85.00 extended 120.00

Reiki Facial
Coming Soon

Crystal Facial
Coming Soon

Sophisticated Facial
Enjoy a customized facial that will address your top skin concerns while you drift off into deep relaxation. During your facial, you will enjoy a warm aromatherapy neck wrap and a massage that will include the face, arms, (extended) upper back but will end with an exfoliating and moisturizing foot treatment. You will leave feeling beautiful and relaxed!85.00 extended 120.00 

Dermaplaning Facial
It is a safe procedure for manually exfoliating the top dead layer of skin (epidermis) and ridden the top layer of skin debri. It also removes the peach fuzz (fine vellus hair) that covers the whole face. Leaving you with soft, radiant skin that allows for flawless makeup application.80.00

Seasonal Facial
Enjoy a facial that delights the senses and is sure to make your skin look fabulous! The perfect facial for those who are short on time and want the benefits of regular professional facials.45.00
Spa Liz's Skincare Motto is KISS
"Keep It Simple & Sustainable"
Why KISS? How often have you decided you were going to start taking care of your skin and...
  • The product over promised and under delivered
  • Purchased the whole regimen only to find out in a week that the multiple steps a day were not realistic to keep up
  • Tried the latest treatment and didn't see the results
That's why you decided to come to Spa Liz to get a professional skin analysis from a licensed aesthetician. Liz believes that skincare can be simple and sustainable both in easy to use steps but also affordable. Lets set realistic expectations in both treatments and home care so you can see the results and the skin you dreamed of!

Spa Liz is always learning and incorporating new innovative treatments. I want to provide you with treatments that give results and can stand the test of time. Spa Liz offers all inclusive facials!!! You will never experience up-selling "add-ons" as Spa Liz. If your skin needs it and I offer it, from gadgets to products, your skin will get it!

Esti Toolbox Gadgets & Gizmos

* Maintenance program - for maximum results this skin condition is best treated with a series regular facials, ask about special pricing
Complimentary patch testing for facials to ensure your comfort and to test for adverse skin reactions. The patch test is a great idea for newbies and really anyone that is nervous about trying a new skin care line or treatment before you commit to the full process. 
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