Oncology SkinCare F.A.Q.

Oncology SkinCare F.A.Q.

Are you trained in Oncology Aesthetics?
I am a certified Oncology Trained Aesthetician which means, I have been trained to know the different side effects and how to manage them best with techniques that are safe and will not cause harm. My mission is to offer you a a comfortable, compassionate and caring place to rest and relax. I want to help guide and educate you on the changes that you may be experiencing in your skin, hair, scalp and nails.

During illnesses while undergoing medical treatments and taking medications our skin can become depleted of essential nutrients, leaving it dry, irritated and uncomfortable.

Individuals going through cancer are often left confused while adjusting to their new physical appearance and the emotional tool it takes on ones self-esteem.

When our skin is compromised it needs specific ingredients and products that are safe and gentle to help it get back to health without adding additional strain or discomfort. This is why we must pay attention to product ingredients and only use ones that have been oncology-safe approved.

What to expect?
When you arrive we will have a private consultation to go over the health intake form and to discuss your current concerns and if any issues you may be having i.e. nausea, scent sensitivity (health intake forms can be found on my website and can completed from home or before your service). 

You will then be taken back to the warm treatment room where you will relax on a warm therapy bed, wrapped in a cozy blanket and offered a special head covering (there will be a stand for your wig, if needed). I will analyze your skin to determine the health and hydration levels so I can truly create a customized plan. During your service feel free to talk, take a nap, ask questions, listen to music or take a nap. 

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