Hydra Skin Refiner

Hydra Skin Refiner

Anti-Aging Facial
As Cher would say "If I could turn back time" I would have changed my skincare habits! Or at least I think she would have said that lol... I will dig into my "Esti Toolbox" and use the tools, gadgets, and products that will help lighten pigmentation (dark spots) and minimize fine lines and wrinkles.* 85.00 extended 120.00

Rosacea (Redness/Sensitive) Facial
This facial for those of us who suffer from rosy cheeks, rosacea, and sensitive skin. Liz feels you as she suffers from rosy cheek too! Spa Liz carries a line that specializes only in the sensitive skin that is also oncology friendly. If you suffer from sensitive skin, we offer a free "test patch" mini facial.* 85.00 extended 120.00

Acne Facial
Do you have acne you just can't seem to get under control? From the PMS-induced breakouts to the never ending pimples Spa Liz can help you. Liz is Face Reality Acne Certified, a nationally renowned acne program, that looks at acne from a variety of angels from dietary to medications to not only get to the cause of your acne but also to treat it short term and long term. This facial is also can treat back acne as well.* 85.00 extended 120.00

What is Hydra Skin Refiner? 
This awesome machine is 5 incredible treatments in one! First we start off with hydro cleanse to deeply cleanse pores. Next we exfoliate by either dry or wet microdermabrasion that flows right into pain-free extraction (if needed). To finish we hydrate or infuse the this skin with nutrients for your skin type ending with an oxygen infusion. These powerful treatments gives your skin what it need be it a mega-powerful dose of antioxidants, pigment lighteners, immune boosters, calming anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial ingredients. .

What is a general treatment plan?
The best results are achieved with monthly visits but you will notice a difference in your skin after 1 treatment. The Refiner may be repeated every 3-4 weeks.

  • Super hydrating
  • Boosts the natural exfoliation process
  • Leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth
  • Depending on serums used:
    • Fights free radical damage
    • Boost anitoxidants
    • Kills P. Acne
    • Brightens skin, decreasing the visual effect of hyperpigmentation 
  • Does not damage your skin
  • No pain extrations
  • Great for all skin types, ethnicities and conditions
  • Over stimulated skin
  • Using Retin-A or and prescription topical tretinoin in the last 30 days
  • Accutane in the last 6 months
  • Pustule Acne
  • Flared Rosacea
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